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Our purpose is to move the 911 evidence beyond that now considered by many to be only "conspiracy theories" into evidence to actually prove a criminal conspiracy to commit domestic criminal terrorism in a court of law.

The Legal Template has Two Parts:

Part 1:

Watch the DVD with the raw undeniable evidence for a Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Domestic Terrorism and blame it on others.

Part 2:

Follow the Instructions a hypothetical juror would receive from a hypothetical judge in such a hypothetical trial and Answer the questions the judge gives you to convict or acquit a defendant on such charges.

Our Mission
Inform the public that Criminal Conspiracies are proven in court everyday and to show how the evidence obtained since 9/11/01 can be used to prove a Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Domestic Terrorism and provide a place where the population can act as a juror and either convict or acquit defendants of those charges.